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1980 in Huntington Beach, CA


Years Active:
'80s, '90s, '00s

The Vandals


Orange County punk veterans the Vandals traced their roots back to the earliest days of their local scene, but didn't really make much of an impact as recording artists until the '90s. By that time, their snide, terminally juvenile humor and catchy punk-pop had done a great deal to set the tone of Orange County's thriving punk and ska scene. Clear spiritual forefathers of bands like the Offspring, blink-182, and Less Than Jake, the Vandals took their cues from early punk comedians like the Dickies and the Descendents, ratcheting up the wiseass factor and delighting in dumb, lowbrow jokes. Sometimes satirical and mostly silly, the Vandals also remained staunchly independent for their entire career, releasing records on a variety of punk indies that afforded them financial and creative control. What was more, their steady lineup from 1989 on afforded them a degree of stability uncommon in punk circles. Solid career management allowed the Vandals to thrive up into the new millennium, over two decades after their formation.

Top Albums

Sweatin' to the Oldies, The Vandals
1. Sweatin' to ..
Fear of a Punk Planet, The Vandals
2. Fear of a Pu..
Hitler Bad, Vandals Good., The Vandals
3. Hitler Bad, ..
Peace Thru Vandalism (Re-Mastered), The Vandals
4. Peace Thru V..
Oi to the World, The Vandals
5. Oi to the Wo..
Look What I Almost Stepped In..., The Vandals
6. Look What I ..
The Quickening, The Vandals
7. The Quickeni..
Sweatin' to the Oldies: The Vandals Live, The Vandals
8. Sweatin' to ..
Live Fast Diarrhea, The Vandals
9. Live Fast Di..
Fear of a Punk Planet: Anniversary Edition, The Vandals
10. Fear of a Pu..
BBC Sessions & Other Polished Turds, The Vandals
11. BBC Sessions..
When In Rome, Do As The Vandals (Re-Mastered), The Vandals
12. When In Rome..
The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes, The Vandals
13. The Vandals ..
Hollywood Potato Chip, The Vandals
14. Hollywood Po..
Live At the House of Blues, The Vandals
15. Live At the ..
Internet Dating Superstuds, The Vandals
16. Internet Dat..
Shingo Japanese Remix Album, The Vandals
17. Shingo Japan..
BBC Sessions & Other Polished Turds, The Vandals
18. BBC Sessions..
Shingo Japanese Remix, The Vandals
19. Shingo Japan..
Hollywood Potato Chip, The Vandals
20. Hollywood Po..

Top Songs

Urban StrugglePeace Thru Vandalism (Re-Ma..3:48$0.99
My Girlfriend's DeadHitler Bad, Vandals Good.2:40$0.99
Kill My TenantFear of a Punk Planet2:24$0.99
Girls Turn 18 Every DayFear of a Punk Planet2:47$0.99
Join Us For PongFear of a Punk Planet2:45$0.99
(But Then) She SpokeSweatin' to the Oldies3:50$0.99
Urban StruggleSweatin' to the Oldies5:18$0.99
Lady KillerSweatin' to the Oldies4:59$0.99
Legend of Pat BrownSweatin' to the Oldies4:44$0.99
My First Christmas (As a Woman)NO HO HO - Alternative Chri..2:39$0.99
If Not For YouBluesax! Live! Season 2009/..3:46$0.99
Urban StruggleJackass: Number Two (Music ..3:00$0.99
Urban StruggleJackass Number Two (Music f..3:00$0.99
RicoWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..3:18$0.99
AirstreamWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..2:17$0.99
Frog StompWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..2:17$0.99
I'm A FlyWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..1:59$0.99
Hocus PocusWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..2:56$0.99
Viking SuitWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..3:48$0.99
Mohawk TownWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..2:49$0.99
Big Brother Vs. Johnny SakoWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..3:04$0.99
Master Race (In Outer Space)When In Rome, Do As The Van..1:43$0.99
Bad Birthday BashWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..2:52$0.99
Lady KillerWhen In Rome, Do As The Van..3:44$0.99
Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government)Peace Thru Vandalism (Re-Ma..1:54$0.99

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